Enjoy up-to-date and instantly actionable part data delivered over a secure point-to-point connection between you and your suppliers in real-time.

Excel Add-In

The Orbweaver Desktop Excel Add-In seamlessly streams part and pricing data from your suppliers directly into your Excel spreadsheets.

Quote a BOM in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Your Client-Specific Pricing

The Orbweaver Platform is the only solutions provider capable of delivering your suppliers’ client-specific pricing. You’ve worked hard to negotiate prices with your suppliers, and now you can integrate those prices anywhere.

“We absolutely needed client-specific pricing on our BOMs, and no other product on the market offers it.”

- John DiBiase, Director of Materials, Syscom Tech

For Sourcing Professionals

Focus your staff on more important jobs than assembling data from suppliers.

For IT Professionals

Focus your IT staff on more important projects than managing feeds from suppliers.

Connect REST API

The Orbweaver Connect API brings supplier part search directly into your existing IT systems. No need to rip out and replace what’s already working for you – the platform is designed to complement any of your MRP, ERP, or custom applications.

With a simple and familiar HTTP REST API, your developers will have no trouble integrating your supplier part data into all your tools.

"supplier": "Arrow",
"supplier_id": 5,
"supplier_authorized": "Yes",
"sku": "T491C336M016AT",
"moq": 500,
"order_multiple": 500,
"factory_lead_time": "10 days",
"manufacturer_name": "Kemet",
"prices": [
    "minimum_order_qty": 1,
    "unadjusted_cost": 0.2102,
    "cost": 0.2102,
    "excess_for_qty": 0,
    "unadjusted_total_cost_for_qty": 0.21,
    "unadjusted_excess_cost_for_qty": 0,
    "total_cost_for_qty": 0.21,
    "excess_cost_for_qty": 0

What amazing things are companies like yours doing on the Orbweaver Platform?

“With the Orbweaver Platform, we’re seeing better quality data, faster response times, increased customer satisfaction, and increased sales.”

- Richard Szczepkowski, President & COO, SWEMCO

The Orbweaver Team

The Orbweaver team has over 50 years of combined experience in both manufacturing and distributing electronic parts, and over 50 years of combined experience developing enterprise software. We know your business, and we’re here to help.

We are not a public search engine. We are your long-term data integration partners, helping you build lasting relationships with your customers and suppliers.

We also offer custom services to ensure the greatest success integrating the Orbweaver Platform into your new or existing IT systems and business processes.