Instant Access To Supplier Pricing And Availability

Orbweaver provides distributors and contract manufacturers in the electronics industry with centralized, real-time access to actionable purchasing data by making secure point-to-point connections to suppliers.

  • Client-specific pricing
  • Market pricing
  • Stock availability
  • Minimum order quantities (MOQ)
  • Standard package quantities (MULT)
  • Lead times
  • Purchase order history
  • Extended price breaks
  • Market status
  • Compliance info

We’re not trying to replace your suppliers or get in the way of the relationships you’ve built.

By replacing slow and tedious file exchanges with real-time connections, we’ve helped our customers improve their supplier relationships – leading to faster quote turnaround times and increased sales.

Find out how we help Suppliers

“Orbweaver has provided valuable services to Newark element14 customers, assisting them with high level, instant access to our product detail, current available inventory, and pricing through our API. Speed to market is critical in any industry and Orbweaver has facilitated this rapidly with our customers. ”

- Kate Facklam, Purchase to Pay | Newark element14

What amazing things are
companies like yours doing
on the Orbweaver Platform?

  • Importing supplier pricebooks
  • Instantly quoting BOMs
  • Automating coverage of AVL requests
  • Automating quotes for high-volume parts
  • Providing real-time quote distribution to sales reps
  • Automating purchase orders
  • Efficiently managing inventory
  • Giving clients visibility into inventory

How does the Orbweaver Platform work?

Orbweaver ingests part data from many different sources
Translates the data into a uniform & consistent format
Then provides that data anywhere you need it
All over a secure connection and instantly in real-time

Centralized, Single Point of Integration Into Your Workflows

With a secure and consistent connection to your suppliers, your essential purchasing data is at your fingertips and ready to be integrated anywhere. We offer multiple ways to integrate the Orbweaver Platform into your existing processes.

Excel Add-In

The Orbweaver Excel Add-In brings part data into any spreadsheet – enjoy fast and easy desktop access for BOMs and AVLs.

Connect API

The Orbweaver Connect API brings supplier part data directly into your existing IT systems – no need to replace what’s already working.


Tailor-made adapters integrate supplier data into your MRP/ERP platform – giving you critical visibility at key decision points.

Security & Privacy of your Data

We’re sensitive to the security and privacy of your proprietary purchasing data. That’s why we’ve assembled a cutting-edge, multi-factor data authentication and encryption model that keeps your data safe & secure.

Like a safe deposit box, only you and your suppliers hold the encryption keys – not even Orbweaver staff can access or view your data.

Read about our Security Measures

Benefits to Sourcing Professionals

  • Stop using out-of-date or inaccurate part data
  • Stop logging into 20 different supplier websites
  • Stop using phone calls or emails to gather data
  • Stop guessing what parts your suppliers sell

Take the opportunity to focus your staff on closing more business instead of assembling data from suppliers.

Excel Add-In
Feature Highlight

The Orbweaver Desktop Excel Add-In seamlessly puts part and pricing data from your suppliers directly into your Excel spreadsheets.

Quote a BOM in minutes instead of days or weeks – no need to manually gather your supplier pricing.

Benefits to IT Professionals

  • Stop managing multiple complex connections
  • Stop struggling with ever-changing file formats
  • Stop spending time developing new connections
  • Stop overhauling workflows for new connections

Let your IT staff work on more important projects than managing feed connections to suppliers.

“With the Orbweaver Platform, we’re seeing better quality data, faster response times, increased customer satisfaction, and increased sales.”

- Richard Szczepkowski, President & COO, SWEMCO

The Orbweaver Team

The Orbweaver team has over 50 years of combined experience in both the manufacturing and distribution of electronic parts, and over 50 years of combined experience developing enterprise software. We know your business, and we’re here to help.

We are not just another software provider. We consider ourselves your long-term technology partner, helping you build lasting relationships with your customers and suppliers.

To ensure the greatest success, we also offer custom professional services to help you integrate the Orbweaver Platform into your IT systems and business processes.

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We know you're overwhelmed with customer quote requests demanding immediate responses.

Gathering quote data from your suppliers is slow and painful – leaving your customers feeling neglected and seeking business elsewhere.

We've engineered the Orbweaver Platform to help distributors, contract manufacturers (CMs), and suppliers like you get centralized, instant access to the supplier data they need.

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