Automatically cross-reference customer MPNs to close deals that would have previously been lost.

It’s the worst-case scenario for any electronic parts salesperson. A customer calls, ready to place an order, but the part they need is out of stock or no longer available. In the past, this meant a struggle to keep the customer engaged while frantically searching inventory and supplier data for an acceptable alternative. Usually, this resulted in a lost order – and a ringing phone at another distributor.

Not anymore. Introducing Orbweaver Analyze, an industry-specific tool designed to automatically cross-reference customers’ approved parts lists with available inventory and supplier data. With Orbweaver Analyze, lost orders become revenue as salespeople are granted instant access to pre-approved alternative part suggestions. With one click, your team can see exactly what the customer would accept, pre-matched with what you have on hand. You get the sale, and your competitor’s phone stays quiet.

Best of all, Orbweaver Analyze was developed by a team of electronic parts industry insiders, guaranteeing it will work within the nuances of your sales process and workflows.